This activities can fit together on a 2 days trip. First day will be either to go paragliding or to go directly to Machupicchu.

Option 1: Morning departure from Cusco city or Sacred Valley to do the tandem paragliding flight. Afterwards we go to Ollantaytambo train station to catch the train in order to visit Machupicchu the following day.

Option 2: Early departure from Cusco city or Sacred Valley straight to Machupicchu. Return by the afternoon to Sacred Valley or Cusco in order to go paragliding the following day.


You can do these both activities in only half a day trip. Departure will be from Cusco city by 07:00 hrs. Firs actitivy will be skybike(actually you do 3 activities: via ferrata+skybike+rappel) and then we drive to the mountain to do the paragliding activity. By 13:30 hrs you will be done.


This 2 activities can be done in the same day in a half day trip. Early departure from Cusco city to go to Piuray Lake near Chinchero town. After briefing and stretching we start either kayaking or stand-up-paddeling on the lake. Activity takes 1h 30 minutes approximately. Then we drive towards Sacro mountain, close to Chinchero town in order to do the paragliding activity. Upon arrival, we check good conditions and we can enjoy the magnificent scenery by flying over the Andes of Cusco. Afterwards we return to Cusco by 14:00 hrs


Enjoy this magnificent scenery in the Andes of Cusco. This is a full day tour. Departure will be very early in the morning. You have included breakfast and lunch. Transportation will get to the place itself. This is an alternative trip to the Tradition Rainbow Mountain Hike.


This beautiful hiking trip can be done in a full day activity. Early departure in order to drive 3 hours to the starting point of the hike. 1 hour hiking and you can be at this stunning place. You will have breakfast and lunch included.


Trekking to Machupicchu by Salkantay can be one-life-time experience. Enjoy this 5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS expedition hiking along the beautiful Andes. Last day will be to enjoy the magnificent scenery in Machupicchu.


Now you can do this activities together. First flight by paragliding in the Andes of Cusco and then enjoy a lunch at Skylodge. Overight stay on this hanging lodge in the heart of the Sacred Valley. This will be one-life-time experience for ever. The following day you’d return to Cusco.


Enjoy this funny trip together with your partner o friends. First activity will be paragliding. We will be in the morning in the mountain waiting for the good conditions for flying. After paragliding activity we go inmediately to the starting point of the quad bike route. This trip will last for 1h 30 minutes. We can visit Maras & Moray or Lake Huaypo. Afterwards we return to Cusco.


These 2 activites can be done in a half day trip. We can either go paragliding first or ziplining. By 14:00 hrs we will be done.


These 2 traditional tours can be done along 2 days. One day to go around the Sacred Valley. You can join a group or you can go in a private trip. In the Sacred Valley we can visit the following places: Chinchero, Pisac market, Pisac Ruins and Ollantaytambo. The  following day we can go to Machupicchu. Remember that you can either board the train after the Sacred Valley tour or you can depart early in the morning the Machupicchu day. You would catch the train from Ollantaytambo train station.


We can visit today these following places: Chinchero, Ollantaytambo & Pisac market + Pisac ruins. We depart from Cusco early in the morning heading directly to Chinchero town. After visiting Chinchero archaeological site we go straight to the mountain from where we take off and fly by paragliding. After paragliding we go to Ollantaytambo. We have lunch in Urubamba and finally we return to Cusco by Pisac. This tour can only be done in a private mode.


After paragliding over the Sacred Valley of the Incas you can go and visit Moray archaeological site & Maras saltpants. We depart in the morning and go directly to the mountain in order to fly. If conditions allow we fly inmediately; if not, we can visit first Moray & Moray. Then we can go paragliding. All of this places are around the same area, so it is the perfect match. In ideal conditions this will take just a half day. This tour can be done ideally with your partner or friends.


These 2 activities can be done in a full day tour. We will leave Cusco city earle in the morning in order to be in the mountain ready to fly by paragliding. Paragliding in Cusco is a nice extreme sport which can be mixed together with biking around Chinchero, Maras & Moray lands. After flying we will get ready to start our biking expedition. The biking trip will last around 3 hours. Visiting Maras Salt pants & Moray ruins will be optional. We can include a box lunch for you if you decide not to have lunch at a tourists restaurant.


After flying by paragliding in the Andes of Cusco, we will be able to go on horsebackriding around Maras town lands. We will have beautiful scenery surrounding us. These two activities can be done in just a half day trip. Horsebackriding in the Sacred Valley can be fun if you are horsebackriding lover.


If your goal is going to Machupicchu and enjoy its magnificent scenery; it should not be boring. We can design an adventourous trip for you including the most popular tour in Cusco region. Paragliding over the Sacred Valley, Quadbiking around Chinchero, Horsebackriding in Maras & Moray, Biking around the Andes of Cusco, Kayaking in Piuray Lake or Ziplining right in the heart of the Magic Sacred Valley can be part of this unforgettable experience. It does not matter if you travel alone or together with your friends, you can always have a great time. It’s all about your experience in this PERU extreme.

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