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based in Cusco city, Peru

Tel : +51 948 065 607



*If you’d like to book your paragliding flight, please include the following information:

  1. Date of flight
  2. Number of participants + details(weight & height)
  3. Hotel in Cusco or Sacred Valley

**Make sure you have read our policies here.


How long does it take to go paragliding?

In ideal conditions, this activity just requieres half the day. We leave Cusco city in the morning around 08:00 hrs and return by 13:30 hrs. Afternoon departures are scheduled for 14:00 hrs. However we schedule these afternoon flights usually from September to May because of the strong wind. If you’d like to fly in the afternoon but you’re coming during the other months, contact us first to check weather forecasts.

Please, remember paragliding is about patience. We wait for the best conditions in order to fly. There’s no rush in this activity. The point is to keep it safe.

During the rainy season, the waiting time can go longer. So, let us know if you have some other activities scheduled for the rest of the day, as tours or flights out.

Do I need previous experience?

Since you fly together with a professional pilot, there’s no need for previous experience as you go as a passenger. Safety briefing will be given anyway at the flying spot.

How long does the flight itself last?

The tandem paragliding flight can last from 12 to 30 minutes. It obviously depends on weather conditions. But at the same time, it depends on how you’re feeling. Some people experience dizziness or nauseas. If you have not had any troubles with altitude, so there’s no any worries. You can select the package you’de like at the purchasing process. Contact us for further information

Could you arrange my Machupicchu trip as well?

Paragliding while doing your trip to Machupicchu is possible since our flying spots are located in the Sacred Valley surroundings. We can even help you to organize your trip to Machupicchu. Climbing Waynapicchu or Machupicchu Mountains are must-to-do things while you are in Peru. Do not hesitate to ask about our special packages combining paragliding together with Machupicchu, biking, zip-lining in the Sacred Valley, Pachamama ceremonies, etc.

Do you include insurance in your paragliding trip?

There’s no insurance coverage.

Do you have any weight restrictions?

Our gliders have a huge range for weight. They can carry from 115 kg until 230 kg. So it means, if you’re 110 kg, there’s nothing to worry about. Just let us know these details in advance to select the right harness for you.

What happens if we cannot fly due to bad weather conditions?

There’s small chance to cancel our operations due to weather conditions since we just need -1 hour good conditions- in average. Direction of wind, Wind speed are the most important things to check among other ones. The pilot in charge will tell if you just need to wait longer or if the flight gets cancelled. In case of cancellation, our penalties policy will aply. Make sure you’ve read all of that policies here.

Does the price include video filming or photos?

Depend on the package you select, video filming and photos might be included. Only basic package does not include photos or video. It has small extra charge. Please, let us know if you’ve selected the basic package and you’d like to add it. All photos and video will be sent to you by a link, so you can download them in high quality.

Remember, we use the last versions of Go-Pro cameras for video filming.

Could I use my own Go-Pro camera or even my mobile phone?

Feel free to bring your own Go-Pro cameras. There’s no any charge for that.

Flying is smooth most of the time, so you can use even your mobile phone. However, make sure it is attached to your selfie stick or to yourself.

Could one of my friends come together with me as just company?

Absolutely. However let us know in advance. Also, it might have small extra charge for transportation.

Do you offer gear for rental for paragliding pilots?

If you’re already a paragliding pilot coming to fly around in here, we can help you getting the right gear for you. We offer gear+assistance service. Do not hesitate to contact us. Remember you need to show us your license in advance

Could you send the products from your shop to my country?

Absolutely. However, in order to exclude delivery costs, we prefer to give them to you upon your arrival in Cusco city. You can pay for it when you receive it.

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