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Studies show that doing adventure sports generates many benefits among many, it helps to overcome fears and explore our own limits. They are a motivation to set new goals and overcome them as well as physically help burn calories and tone your muscles.

If you get to visit Cusco, an excellent alternative to be able to carry out an adventure circuit is the Chinchero and Maras route, as part of the sacred valley, it has impressive landscapes and beautiful views and a welcoming climate.

Among the many activities we can mention the following:


It is one of the activities where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sacred valley, the weather and the safety when flying over a vast field of different shades of green and yellow depending on the season in which you decide to do this activity.
It flies in a safe way since it travels with a pilot in charge who gives you a briefing for an excellent takeoff. Being in the air you will experience what the birds feel when taking off their feet from the ground and embarking on a beautiful flight.


What a better way to tone muscles and combat stress through the air? This option is accompanied by 3 additional activities. It begins with a via ferrata ascent to the top of a rock on a metal ladder attached to the rock, then a skybike where we will travel approximately 250 meters pedaling on a bicycle in the open air and finally the rappel is carried out with the respective descent, the best time to carry out this activity is in the morning to enjoy good weather on the way you get to see the great variety of weather and own landscapes of the place will be an adventure that you will not forget.


For those who like adventure on 4 wheels, if you have the option of ATVs in the Maras Moray area, you will enjoy a temperate climate with wonderful landscapes while driving along the routes of the Valley of Maras, you can also visit one of Huaypo on the way and go through areas where you can see yourself among the Andes of Cusco, having wonderful views.


This option is more for people who want to enjoy the peace and tranquility offered by the waters of the Piuray lagoon, it is a safe activity as well as the equipment provided, these being easy and safe for the visitor, prior to practicing said sport. there will be a respective briefing and warm-up as well as the scope of all the necessary equipment with their respective instructions, you will be able to find a calm environment and connection with nature.

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